Willie Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Testimonial

Willie Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Testimonial

– Willie More of Virginia Beach was in school but didn’t want to continue and end up with K in debt. He took the course and within a couple of months has landed himself a K a year job as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

8 thoughts on “Willie Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Testimonial

  1. Hey Seth. Will you give job assistance to somebody in India. is your course applicable to someone over here?

  2. Wow Seth u are impacting a lot of lives with your channel, I appreciate how your spreading knowledge like this… I was skeptical at first but more and more of these testimonials kept getting posted.. Now I’m sold! I will definitely be taking your course soon ?

  3. Hey, Seth. Like these testimonial videos and I’m almost sold. But do you have any testimonials from someone older? Say 30 to 45?

  4. hello seth… this faiz from india… first like to appreciate and congratulate u for doing this beautiful job of helping people.. !!! i juz subscribed to ur channel… my question is if i take ur course… can i work from india in the US market.. and earn in US dollars.. thx..!!!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos. I am a commercial filmmaker and have been looking into digital marketing for a while now. Going to sign up for the class soon and hopefully get a job afterwards.

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