What Is Internet Marketing? A Day In The Life Of An Internet Marketer.

What Is Internet Marketing? A Day In The Life Of An Internet Marketer.

What is an internet marketing specialist and what do they do? The definition of an internet marketer. A video from the team outlining the daily routine of a typical internet marketing business owner.

In this video, I give you information and insight about some of the typical things you would need to learn and do regularly if you were to start your own internet marketing company or be an online marketer for yourself.

This is a real answer to the question… What is internet marketing?

Could also be used as a basic overview on how to do internet marketing and its related tasks such as SEO, web design, blogging, social media, and more.


27 thoughts on “What Is Internet Marketing? A Day In The Life Of An Internet Marketer.

  1. Hey, Trent, thanks for the video. I would like to know, how dose Bloging and Interent marketing overlap? Thanks once again.

  2. you are right actually ain’t certain i agree with everything you said but i think you are dead-on. Moreover i want to say that I am a video marketer,and i utilize youtube to gain web traffic and this video has been very useful for me. you can visit my youtube channel to learn more regarding what i do for the benefit of my online business _(how to get unlimited traffic, youtube views, increase income, and much more..)_. good luck!

  3. This is one of the best videos I have watched for an overview of internet marketing. It was excellent to (finally) get an in-depth overview. Thanks Trent!

  4. Great video.  So many people really want to become ‘internet marketers’ but the only way to be successful is to really focus on the ONE THING to master…and that is the challenge.  Be sure to check out some great videos I have for helping you on your internet marketing journey.

  5. If you are looking for something more in depth, but just as free, check out my book, sorry for the self promotion.

  6. update your channel bro! you got good content but you haven’t uploaded in a bit. I hope to see and learn more about your I.M. business.

  7. Hi there enjoyed your channel and vids large thumbs up! since we are both in the same corner tell me what you consider of mine! have i got what it takes? My show is on once every week. Subscribe and spread the word 🙂
    Bye for now Andrew Lock

  8. I used to spend hours upon hours surfing the web you have to get yourself into the habit of work slowly and deadlines are a must split your time over the important tasks first

  9. thank you for this video you can check my channel for a great tool that you can use in your internet marketing business

  10. #Online Sales Expert +toshtao1
    Agree with Shane, lol. 5 EXIT POP UPS!?! LOL  Great video Trent, Loved it, keep the good stuff coming. @Online Sales Expert

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