What Is Digital Profit Course? Caution Advised!

What Is Digital Profit Course? Caution Advised!


In the video, I mention a free training program our community offers. Our community is available to join for free in most countries. However and unfortunately, people from the following countries cannot join us for free:

Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Scammers from these countries have exploited our free membership on a massive scale causing harm to others and to our community.

I regret we cannot offer the free membership to people in these countries.

What is the Digital Profit Course?

The Digital Profit Course promotes itself as an online membership site based in the United States that teaches internet marketing training. However, Digital Marketing Course is not what it appears to be, and close evaluation raises several red flags.

What is the Digital Profit Course?

At first glance, Digital Profit Course appears to be a legitimate website offering internet training. Looking closer, however, reveals several suspicious details.

The Digital Profit Course website looks like a poor reproduction of the legitimate internet marketing community of Wealthy Affiliate. Copying the Wealthy Affiliate site design is probably an effort to steal credibility.

ScamAdviser.com identifies Digital Profit Course as “Suspicious.” It also reveals that the DPC website links to other risky websites and that it presents a digital profile as if it is in the United States, but it is, in fact, hosted in India.

The Biggest Red Flag

The biggest red flag is that Digital Profit Course wants your phone number. There is no legitimate reason for Digital Profit Course to ask for your phone number.

Digital Profit Course is probably a phishing scheme, trying to get your personal information, but also has a product.

Most of the online complaints about Digital Profit Course are from India. It appears that Digital Profit Course is targeting Indians.
Also, judging from the nature of the complaints, there is a training product, but it isn’t very good and appears to be merely an excuse to take people’s money.

The Digital Profit Course landing page looks a lot like the Wealthy Affiliate landing page.

ScamAdviser Warning

ScamAdiser.com lists Digital Profit Course as “Suspicious” because the site pretends to be from the United States but is actually from India, and because it is associated with risky websites and because the email addresses associated with Digital Profit Course are all free accounts which often indicates a scam operation.

Digital Profit Course Complaints

If you search for online complaints about Digital Profit Course, you will meet with an extreme mix of glowing reviews and highly charged emotion driven complaints.

I trust the complaints are real, and the positive remarks are from people paid by Digital Profit Course.

Below are a few Digital Profit Course complaints I found on the ScamAdviser website.

The last word on Digital Profit Course

Digital Profit Course is suspicious at best. There is no reason they need your phone number. I’m convinced that this is a phishing scheme combined with an inferior product.

The personal information Digital Profit Course gets from you is sold online to the highest bidder. They will also try to sell you worthless training materials that will not help you earn money online.

Nothing good will come of getting involved with Digital Profit Course.

The Good News.

If you are searching for a legitimate way to build an online business and make money from home, my friends and I will help you.
We’re a community of online entrepreneurs who help people build successful online businesses. We’d be delighted to help you.

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What is the Digital Profit Course

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