What Is An API?

What Is An API?

Many terms are thrown around the digital marketing world, none of which confuse people more than API. API stands for Application Programming Interface and it’s simply a way to get information and pass information to trusted partners.

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  1. This definition here is not general at all.
    Its a very special “API”, so dont use this definition for the general term “API” !

  2. I’m not so good to translate English from speach, but can you tell me(If making an Oeprating System) Then is the API, like my start menu, C: drive, my compyter… i mean all what we use? Tell if i should try ask better.

  3. This is total insanity. I cant believe this video is linked to on facebook.

    An API is a function. It does something for you in a black box. That’s it.

  4. Thanks, Matt. Thank GOODNESS we still have the good ol’ whiteboard and dry-erase technology so we can make sense out of all the other stuff. (Notice how much technology has changed since the advent of the whiteboard? The chalkboard has been around forever. Guess it’s an issue of “user friendly”).
    –Dave Charbonneau

  5. Thank you for the explanation. I’m a beginner Programmer and am still trying to understand how can be use a API to build our custom programs over it. Please let me know any references i can can look into for better understanding

  6. Thanks, that helps a lot.  I knew it allowed access to stuff but your explanation made it very easy to understand.  Thanks.

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