Vick’s Secret CPVR Traffic Strategy – Digital Marketing Power

Vick’s Secret CPVR Traffic Strategy – Digital Marketing Power

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CPV stands for “Cost Per View”. CPV is also sometimes referred to as PPV or “Pay Per View”, but PPV is actually a misnomer. CPV is a traffic source, much like PPC, but is much less mature and saturated than most other commonly used traffic sources. The competition is still relatively slim compared with other traffic channels and it’s for this reason that CPV traffic is something that any serious internet marketer should have in their arsenal.

CPV impressions are delivered via pop traffic. Third-party software is installed on a client machine and that software sits idle monitoring sites visited and search queries. Publishers assign targets to their campaigns on the CPV network. When the ad-ware software on the surfers machine finds a match between the search query or site visited and the publisher target, the publishers ad is show as either a pop-up, interstitial or pop-under.

CPV should not be confused with spyware. The software responsible for serving the ads is installed only after the user has read and agreed to an advertising disclaimer. Ad-ware typically has a system of checks and balances, that spy ware does not. Ad-ware governs the number of ads that are shown on a users machine in a given period of time, does not change settings without prompting the user and is not difficult to uninstall.

CPV traffic gives publishers the power to target more tightly than ever and at the same time get some of the cheapest impressions out there. Traffic on some networks is as cheap as.001 per impression or “view”. With a bit of testing and some basic tracking, publishers are making a ton of money leveraging this relatively new traffic source. Toss quality score out the window. Don’t worry about making the perfect landing page ever again either. Adhering to a few standard CPV network compliance rules will see you launching campaigns in minutes compared to hours and profiting sooner rather than later.


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  1. Great video! Very informative with clear action steps, but where is the last video where he was going to discuss how he was going to set up the PPV/CPV campaign? Because at 1:29:33, the video just repeats the set up of the Retargeting campaign.

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