Udacity Digital Marketing Program Review

Udacity Digital Marketing Program Review

In this video, I review Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. Udacity recently launched it’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. Seeing as there is limited info out there about the quality of the course, I decided to offer my review. Discover my thoughts as I tell you the pros and cons of Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program.

11 thoughts on “Udacity Digital Marketing Program Review

  1. Thanks a lot man.
    Can u tell me if I want to get out of the online platform and do sales or surveys of some kind as projects in the real world with real people… And if yes is it going to be hard…? Because I hate that stuff.,!Do you think there is a career opportunity outside US because I am from India.?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Great review ? perks like career help aside, it sounds overpriced… do you think for a total beginner hubspot is better? I dont really care about networking etc. Although projects are cool

  3. Do you have to invest your own money to do the Facebook campaign? Or do they give you credits? =)

  4. “You’re not going to get that through any other digital marketing course.” Actually, that’s inaccurate. Udacity got this idea from my course, where I actually give students projects and then teach them how to put all the projects they completed onto a beautiful WordPress site (portfolio) that *they* own — not Udacity.

  5. Hi Brandon,

    Can you give us an update on this Udacity program? I am debating on whether to take the Udacity Digital Marketing program for $1,000 or the Simplilearn program for $500. Simplilearn seems to have a really comprehensive program and they also offer simulation projects but no portfolio options like Udacity. Has anything materialized for you with your portfolio and LinkedIn group?

  6. Hi Brandon, how is the course going? Do you think projects are good enough for us to learn something practically or it could have been learned by other sources? I agree the course fees is higher but looking for some good course to develop my skills. Thanks.

  7. Hey Brandon! I would like to add that you can tweak your Udacity portfolio in any way you like, and even add your own projects there, we are not restricted to what we do through Udacity.

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