Top 6 Digital Marketing Jobs

Top 6 Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing professionals in India will grow to 2-3 Lakh in the next few years. But what are the specific roles that brands and agencies are looking out for?

In this video Anshul Khandelwal, Head of Marketing at UpGrad, talks about the top 6 roles that are making waves in this industry and, if you are considering a career as a digital marketer, you need to watch out for.

Want to know what a content marketer spends time creating and strategizing and why? Or what a performance marketer does with so many numbers? Or even why the role of a social media manager is so crucial to brand identity and communicating with the TG? Know about all of this and a lot more in the 2nd Digital Marketing Careers-In-Shorts Video.

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7 thoughts on “Top 6 Digital Marketing Jobs

  1. this is krishna, i want to know the mncs in india that are recruiting digi mrkters and the process they are following to recruit. since i surfed in job portals, wher maximum startups and some un familiar ones are their, no known mncs that are taking them. are theeir known mncs recruits digi ones please giv their details.

  2. What if i have an idea in my mind,but cant out it in words? How to imrove that despite of the fact i have an excellent communication skills. Secondly pelase make a video on how to choose agency you want to work for as a digital marketer

  3. how do you define a civil engineer undergrad developing his passion into digital marketing? I wonder

  4. Hey Anshul..Thanks for the wonderful info. I am currently working as a software engg in AS400 technology and I am trying to switch my career in Digital Marketing but I am confused and trying to gather info. I am not sure whether going in this field technically will be helpful or getting functional(or whatever right word is there for being Functional). Can you help me suggesting from where to start.
    Also I was wondering about the job scope for this in India as well as in USA as currently I am working from USA.
    Kindly take out time to reply..

    Thanks —
    Sandeep Khandelwal

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