The Opportunity In Digital Marketing In India

The Opportunity In Digital Marketing In India

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Topics covered in this lesson:

1. What is Digital Marketing?
2. Why is Digital Marketing the next big thing?
3. Our Opportunity in Digital Marketing
4. Who can Learn Digital Marketing? Is it for you?
5. How to Learn Digital Marketing?

11 thoughts on “The Opportunity In Digital Marketing In India

  1. hy sir could pls suggest me and certificate course can be done by very less nominal fees @ digital marketing

  2. Nice lesson, simple,humble and power full can you give a answer , one of my question?is google ad sense allow local languages blogs or web portals, for eg: tamil, malayalam, like this Thanks

  3. hi, Deepak
    i am science graduate and working in pharma company as MR can i can do this course digital marketing course .plz suggest me

  4. Very Helpful Deepak, so kind of you, can i be of any help to you..I want to volunteer for something, I could write researching various sources and present it.I like writing, thank you !

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