The BEST (No Degree Required) CAREER

The BEST (No Degree Required) CAREER

What if I told you there was a career that has the potential to be VERY high paying, where you have more freedom than 95% of your peers, and have the ability to do the things you love? You’d probably say that I was lying. But there is a career that offers all of the above. It’s the same career field that I’m currently in as well as every other major YouTuber. It’s called Digital Marketing.

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22 thoughts on “The BEST (No Degree Required) CAREER

  1. Do you know of any ways to make money online/remotely through computer programming? Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks for the video!

  2. Companies want you to have experience? But how to get some when noone will hire you without an experience?

  3. Last semester of my journalism college degree includes digital marketing as an elective subject

  4. They’ll machines doing all the work. Machines doing construction, warehouse, fast food, car mechanics, jobs. Literally they will do it all. Computer operator machines will even do the marketing online. Robots, computer, machines. All the same

  5. Improvement Pill GM
    question, I currently live in another country yet I’m fluent bilingual speaker does this only apply to certain countries or wherever you are located at(assuming you’re in the US)?
    Thanks for the feedback ūüėÄ

  6. Improvement pill I was planning to travel to the US from Nigeria where I am from to study medicine but few week ago I discovered digital marketing and your video just made me fall more in love with it. The problem though is that my country respects certificates more from abroad than our own country. I was wondering if you could advice me on what to do cause I am in between travelling to still study medicine or something related to digital marketing or staying back and learning digital marketing. I am 19 by the way and just got an interning job at a digital marketing company – thanks to your motivational videos that made me face my fears (social anxiety and agoraphobia) . Thanks for this video by the way! you’ve literally saved my life so far #best YouTube channel#

  7. why is it that so many programs online are priced with the last number being 7. I honestly don’t get it.

  8. Do you think you could do this job while having another one? Or is it a full time job? Do you think someone could do this efficiently at the same time as working on their passion?

  9. I’m in it and it’s thriving! no cap to my income. if things keep going at this rate I will have a much higher income than ańļl of my peers who have a profession like teaching, medicine, law etc

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