Simple SEO Tips to Boost Your ECommerce Website

The role of SEO is significant in reference to the performance of a  website in search results. And, when it comes to e-commerce sites, SEO plays still a more significant role in boosting the performance of the site. SEO for e-commerce sites is more complex as compared to SEO for regular websites. The reason is unlike a general website, an e-commerce website has dozens of hundreds of pages.

As the owner-entrepreneur of a startup e-commerce site, you will focus on using free resources like free platforms leading to a great difference between you and your competition. This is a common strategy. However, if you wish your e-commerce to grow fast, the revenue bolster, more and more visitors becoming consumers, consider these simple points in e-commerce SEO – rely on Magento SEO for best results.

These points will bring the best results:

Create headers, title tags – Create these manually. You can get them created when you create product groups. In other words, you need to create product groups. When you do this, you will title gas and assign the title tags under product groups.  Remember to use header tags like H1, H2, etc. in the right order.

Delete duplicate content – Have content such that even you have a product displayed at two distinct pages of your site, has two distinct descriptions. That is, the wording in the content should be different.  Avoid duplicating content from other sites as well. For all products, use a canonical tag. Link your duplicate content, if any. This will help search results. Affordable SEO Services

Product page optimization – Use URLs – avoid including the category showing in the path. Edit it properly.

Use No Follow the link – Many pages in your site need not be indexed by search engines.  These include my account, admin, checkout, etc. You need to use No Follow link with these with these pages. It is also essential to add the entries at robots.tex file. The Robot setting should be Index, Follow.

Avoid using default description – You can optimize the default description on each page using Magento SEO.

Homepage title – The home page is commonly referred to as Home. It is important to add relevant names, optimize and assign them to the homepage. The name must include at least one keyword and the name of the store. The home page title of 50-60 characters. B2B Database Providers

Sitemap – The sitemap makes it easy for page navigation. The sitemap indicate the direction to the search engines. For products, categories, and CMS pages use prioritization optimally. This enables you to place the best content on the top. Place images with products as well.

SEO for e-commerce is a little complex. But don’t get disheartened or scared. Using these simple technical tips, you can obviate the need for buying costly professional service. Magento SEO continues to be evolving and it will deliver the best geeks that come to help small business e-commerce sites perform much better without hassles of any kind.

If you feel are unsure, or scared,  the best thing is hiring the services of reliable reputed service specializing in Magento SEO. They will help you out.