Seth Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Review

Seth Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Review

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Digital Marketing Career Blueprint by Seth Review
I took this course because I was really interested in starting a career in digital marketing. for me, the course was great because I was a beginner who knew nothing about PPC, SEO, social media, and email marketing. now I can say that I understand the language of digital marketing. wish me luck on getting my first job!!!!

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18 thoughts on “Seth Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Review

  1. nice video man! I’m getting the course later this week hopefully it goes well for me. you should keep updating on your current job hopefully you land a job soon! new sub ūüôā

  2. hey Abe Jimenez, how did it go? did you land a job in digital marketing with what Seth taught you?

  3. I want to ask you ..Does he gives online training through video calls or just he gives digital cd’s to the students ? One more thing. Is it necessary to have an account on linkdin ? I am asking this because I don’t have one.

  4. Do you have a job and where is a good place to go to learn Instagram Marketing I subscribed to your channel

  5. Thanks for the straight forward and honest review. Is being in New York really a challenge when looking for your desired job in digital marketing? I thought that this is something that you can do anywhere in the world without leaving your home?

  6. Abe. Maybe you should start that website again so that you can prove you know what you know. What do you think?

  7. Very informative, Thanks for the review. Any update on getting hired or starting your own agency?

  8. This nice video saying that Digital Marketing Career Blueprint teaches about the field of Digital Marketing, which has created 100,000s of jobs and is part of Google and Facebook’s massive earnings and exposure. Thanks for sharing. Get 50% Discount click

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