Sal Khan At Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2013

Sal Khan At Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2013

Sal Khan speaks at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2013 on Thu, Mar 7, 2013 in Salt Lake City, UT.

39 thoughts on “Sal Khan At Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2013

  1. Well done Sir! I am really impressed! Thank you so much for all that you have done. It is people like you that make this world a beautiful place to live in.

  2. Khan, I love you, but please add the awards/trophies/energy points to the top bar again. I was on a marathon before the new layout destroyed my motivation. Seeing progress accrue in real time made it like a game, and although it might sound stupid or taboo to admit, it really helped me stay motivated/addicted. It was much better.

  3. You are the way to thw future Mr. Khan. Thank you for all your efforts for a better human society.

  4. It is SUCH a shame not everyone could have access to these contents. Thank you for all the hard work!

  5. khan academy is really helpful when one needs to really understand a material, can be even more helpful than reading a book

  6. Mashallah !! Its a grete opportunity to learn from Salman Khan, as well we appreciate his education by through internet and is open many doors for students to find maths solutions and its easy. Therefore we ask to Allah for his healthy & blessing life including Imaan. Thanks to all

  7. Another excellent example of what is good in humanity. The world needs more of this kind of guy…not only genius but with a good heart and mind. Khan Academy’s mission statement is simple but very powerful.

  8. Simply perfect expression of selfless work.
    Quality education for all everywhere.
    Immense possibilities and great work man..All the best.

  9. Amazing! 18:37 The normal education system having a Fix: How long and when you learn something. Variable: How well you learn it, insuring you will have gaps in later in your career. INSTEAD, have the Variable: How long you have to learn and when. Fix: High level of mastery.

  10. hi my name is radwan and i live in the uk,oxford i have been using khan academy fora while now and find it very useful.
    however, i really need help finding the knowledge map as i believe i will find it very useful. so please anyone, and anyone from khan academy cud you please instruct me ways in which i can find this very helpful source i need.

    many thanks!!!!!!!

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  13. So inspiring. Sal Khan deserves a Nobel prize not that he cares about it but I think he deserves it. One man started out of his closet to his cousins and to all the people he never met. MIT and HBS graduate decided to put social returns over his personal financial gains. He put principles over the profit. I appreciate you and so much. “If what he has done and is doing for millions of people across this planet don’t move you, you have no emotions”

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