Q&A #1: How To Get A Job With No Experience

Q&A #1: How To Get A Job With No Experience

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I describe in detail how a person in college should get a job when he has no experience. I also talk about the order of importance for a resume, the right personality to have, and where to look for entry-level jobs.

31 thoughts on “Q&A #1: How To Get A Job With No Experience

  1. What if I just graduated high school and I need a job fast? Could I lie about being the president of something? Will they check?

  2. How can I get a job at a fashion retail store like forever 21 without any prior experience… every store asks for retail experience. And this is my first job… please help

  3. This is a good video but all I hear is conform, conform, conform. Maybe try less online applications and call directly to find employment. That’s been a good help for me thus far. Applying online your resume gets lost in the ether.

  4. This isn’t a bad video, but it’s mostly stuff I’ve heard before. Might as well just kill myself.

  5. if you ask a manager if there’s any jobs going and they say there fully staffed then 3months later there advising jobs ????

  6. this guy is the only ine that has told me that im hlin to be rejected by the real world… and that is part of the plan

  7. OK so wtf do you do if you didn’t make a resume EARLY???? I’m 20 fucking years old and my school did not teach us to do this !!!!!!

  8. Hey man, I am too busy studying things that actually matter to sit there wasting my time at some bullshit club (Im antisocial, btw) trying to become president just to kiss someonnes ass. This is why I want to own my own business. So I don’t have to waste my time on shit that is pointless just to appease the employer.

  9. No offense dude, but you sound like an asshole. Like am I a child because I’m 20 years old with no job experience? I went through years of depression and almost committed suicide? You think anyone wants to hire someone like that? No. I am studying business so I can be an independent business owner and not have to worry about conforming to anyone else’s bullshit,.

  10. You don’t think college sucks the life out of you either? Being a full time college student has definitely made me a serious, even an angry, bitter, hardened person who is always on edge and ready to pounce.

  11. l miss the office job l had a few years ago, but l can’t get a job now, cause now l got 2 people to look after full-time at home, l’m currently on the Carer payment, getting paid over $1,000 a fortnight .

  12. wow. this video is amazing. actually i’m just turning 17 and i do have a part job at a computer shop (and i know thats not impressive hehe) but i realized many thing to these video… thank you po.. *sigh growing up is brutal hahaha

  13. They really should have a Class focused on Resumes & cover letters. My college HFCC never offered that, and it would be nice if it was a requirement for (any) Degree program. On another tip, being “too serious” can be a bad thing. I believe it’s important to be a fun-minded person, whether during a personal life or on the job. It took me many years to get into Bartending, and little did I know how much fun it is! I am also working on finding a weekday job, and avoiding criteria that says “3-5 years of experience.” Thanks for the video share! -Richard

  14. I received an internship from an aerospace company by speaking about engineering and just being professional with others. One day I randomly met a hiring manager and was told to submit an application.

  15. I got a job here is the tips
    Tell me about your self
    I’m Asian
    Congrats you are hired

  16. This is great information. However, because of the occasional inappropriate language, I can’t show it at school. 🙁

  17. I’ve heard that it’s good to have energy, all things being equal meaning that you’re in the running, show enthusiasm because they cannot see smart other than your resume.

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