Pricing Structure For Your Digital Marketing Or SMMA!

Pricing Structure For Your Digital Marketing Or SMMA!

In this video I go over how I set up my pricing and packages for my Digital Marketing Agency.

26 thoughts on “Pricing Structure For Your Digital Marketing Or SMMA!

  1. Hey, when building website for clients who do or do not already have a website.
    Do you get hosting yourself?
    Do you ask them to pay for hosting and domains separately

    What’s your process?

  2. Outstanding! Thank you do much! I’m new, and you’ve given me much better direction. ūüôā

  3. Did you change your pricing since your made this video? And how many client did you close ATM with those pricing. Thanks Budd

  4. You’re a boss for posting this! Subscribed. Thank you!! I have a question. I’m just starting by business and I want to build a portfolio. I’m planning on offering a local business a period of free’services, so my question is should this be a 3 month or 6 month period of free service?

  5. hey thanks for the info man .just have one question .do you include advertising fees in your packages or do charge them seperately on top of your fee?

  6. love the video I just got one question , when you set up a page for them or take over there pre existing page do you answer the comments or do you just tell the client to answer the comments on the posts?

  7. Can you do a video about contracts. I’ve noticed that in the tai Lopez program they never really went over that. What’s your opinion about the program btw. In my opinion, I felt like it was always surface level knowledge. You on the other hand my friend, go in depth. I respect you

  8. how about brand story telling and videography when it comes to showcasing their business? Do you do that? Hiring videographers and stuff.

  9. So your fees are 2497 for the services, plus the ad spend? or is the ad spend included in the 2497? Thanks!

  10. Hey great Video!! How to you post snapchats for a business…. are you going there or are they uploading the videos?

  11. Hi, my question is on the calculation part for a hotel or real esate who never made a page on any social media platforms:
    You budget as per INR 65000approx from which i keep away imagine 20% i have approx 50to52000 to play with.

    My question is – if you are going to post at least 15 post on 3 platforms each 15 post!
    Then are you talking about boasting them on FB, Insta, Youtube & Twitter? so is that where the money will be used – (this is for the first basic package)
    Client wld ask wat shld i expect out from here
    % of Engaement
    % of Returns
    % of what will i get in return if am investing ?

  12. Yet again another thorough video….I’m definitely considering setting up my consultancy business, the information here is valuable to someone like me that is juggling the pennies and can’t afford to do the expensive course that they’re offering. This deffo is giving me all the pointers on what to research and look into.

  13. This video is amazing. I’ve watched it multiple times through! I’ve also watched your recent Content Strategy video too which was great. I have a quick question about this video. Is it possible to get a pricing template structure similar to what you showed in this video? This would be absolutely amazing and a great help.

  14. Do you have them pay upfront and can u start this just you with out a llc wat would u need tax form wise and your contract

  15. Your channel and Podcast 4 Marketers are easily my favorites so far. Concise, no fluff and tons of value!

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