No College Degree, Hired As Digital Marketing Strategist

No College Degree, Hired As Digital Marketing Strategist

– 22 year old Haley was working as a bartender, no previous marketing or office experience, no college degree – took the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint, applied all the training and applied for jobs – got called in for an interview to do SEO/PPC and was hired the next day, even though the posting SAID Undergraduate degree required.

Haley’s Linkedin:

Link to other interviews with people who also got jobs from the course:

The US national average salary for a digital media marketing manager is ,590 according to indeeed

Digital Marketing has one of the best work-life balances:

14 thoughts on “No College Degree, Hired As Digital Marketing Strategist

  1. hello Seth. i am late 20s and i am already little worried that this job is only for early 20s or younger ? can late 20s or early 30s can get this job no problem ?

  2. Hey Seth, I’m looking forward to taking your course after I’m done with fall semester. I’ve been following Matt’s channel for a while and you guys are the most down to earth and honest people I ever stumbled. I’m a 25 year old who’s still in college and thinking about dropping out as I keep switching majors all the time. I just found out that I’m not really an academic type. I just want to get my butt into the working world already haha. Keep up your work!

  3. Hello I had a question. You said in an earlier comment that age doesn’t matter. I’m 16. Would I be able to learn this field and get a job next year ,or should I finish high school? Also why does your course cost monthly? What all comes with the course?

  4. Hey I couldn’t reach your email. I sent it to is that correct? – I previously asked you some questions and I still have lots of holes to fill. As you know career searching is difficult. I have watched several videos and self learned the meaning or purpose of digital marketing. And I am really interested. So in other words, I know the very basics. I think my biggest question right now is what are the things that are involved in digital marketing? For an example to explain my question. I know that I need to learn how to use Google Ad Words so I can dive into learning that. Although that’s really all I know. So It would be nice if I could have all these things laid out in front of me so I could study all the things I need to become a digital marketer. Does this all make sense? If not let me know – thanks

  5. Hey Seth -Im definitely interested in this course.I expect to finish the course within 2 weeks, how do I make sure I am not billed for a second payment?

  6. Hi Seth,

    What exactly does your course cover?

    How much focus is on doing SEO and running Adwords campaigns?

    What else does it cover?

  7. Hi, Seth! How beneficial will the course be for a Canadian? Most of the testimonials are from people in the USA.

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