My Lush Life: Alex McGuire, Digital Marketing Specialist

My Lush Life: Alex McGuire, Digital Marketing Specialist

Behind all the ones and zeroes that make up and, you’ll find our Digital Marketing Specialist Alex. We go behind the scenes to see how she helps bring our digital campaigns to life and what keeps her moving and shaking when she’s not in the office.

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12 thoughts on “My Lush Life: Alex McGuire, Digital Marketing Specialist

  1. I’m a marketing major & my ultimate dream job is to be a part of/establish your green marketing team! I wish you had offices in Southern California

  2. I love that all your employees are so kind loving giving heart full and honest. All of my friends say lush is too expensive but I think it’s worth it.. Becouse every product goes to a charity

  3. This is the dream! I’m applying to a store in in the D.C. area and just had my online interview. I hope to hear from you guys!<3

  4. I love the upbeat music playing in the background. It’s not only pleasant to listen to, but very motivating. Just makes me wanna make changes in my life for the better.

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