Latest Digital Marketing Trends – State Of Digital Marketing 2014 – Stan Ventures

Latest Digital Marketing Trends – State Of Digital Marketing 2014 – Stan Ventures

– Latest Digital Marketing Trends – State Of Digital Marketing 2014

A survey was taken on 500+ marketers about their goals and expectations on digital marketing. Here is what is working and what is not. As far as B2B is concerned, the main things focused are lead generation, driving sales and increasing awareness whereas B2C focuses on driving sales, improve awareness and lead generation. Right now, majority of the marketers are investing only a quarter of their budget online for digital marketing. The best areas to increase spending would be email and social media marketing. Revenue earned from social media is of the ratio 1:5 for B2B and 1:3 for B2C. Many marketers are still struggling to calculate ROI.

There is a plan of increasing the number of lead generations, producing quality contents and converting leads to customers by 21%, 19% and 18% respectively as far as B2B is concerned. Similarly for B2C, ROI, converting leads to customers and integrating content is going to increase by 25%, 22% and 14%. It has been studied that emails with social sharing buttons increase CTR by 158%, 50% companies have content marketing strategies and social marketing is about to increase in next 5 years.

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  4. I enjoyed the video Shara. There are a few things to correct in the video: sec. 0:02, you used periods instead of commas: s/b “Here’s what’s working, what’s not and what they’re planning”
    sec. 0:16 “a quarter” …(missing -r), 0:34 “Integrating” not intregating;  0:41 “regardsless” s/b “regardless”:  0:49 “deliverS” with an -s; 1:10 “maintain their SPEND?” s/b budget or spending

  5. Nice video….very good tips…I made a video adding value to a local business St Louis Local Marketing SEO Services Social Media and Website Critique (Attorney)  Let me know what you think….Thanks!

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