Latest Digital Marketing Trends | Social Ecommerce + Conversion + Mobile

Latest Digital Marketing Trends | Social Ecommerce + Conversion + Mobile

In this episode, my good friend Francisco Hernandez asked me what were my 3 predictions for Digital Marketing Trends of 2012. So here they are:

1. Social eCommerce: If you have a ecommerce website and you DONT have a social component to it – where users can take your products/services and share, rate, comment via social network – you are setting your website up for failure. Google is already showing results in their rankings based on peoples social networks and if they have interacted with a product/service based on a users search – so not even having this feature on your website is eliminating you from being found in Google.

2. Conversion: Conversion has always been important – but this is the year businesses really need to look at how their website interacts with visitors – because if your website is not conversion friendly where people genuinely want to read your content, share it etc – or if your content is buried beneath ads and such – your overall grade that Google gives you will decrease which will have a direct impact on your rankings.

3. Mobile: Its no surprise here – mobile continues to grow at such a rapid speed – that in fact Google announced 35% of all searches done in Google come from mobile devices. So if your website is not mobile friendly – you are missing out on an opportunity to market yourself to consumers searching from your product/service via mobile.

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Baltej Gill – The Social Media Guy That Wears A Hat

17 thoughts on “Latest Digital Marketing Trends | Social Ecommerce + Conversion + Mobile

  1. Geat video yet again Baltej, keep them coming. Was your friend Dale H in the DJ, it sure looked like him?

  2. Good job Baltej. I couldn’t agree with you more. Organizations/companies need to be aware of how their website translates onto a smartphone. Sometimes it is difficult to browse through a particular site on a phone. Focusing on making it more user friendly will definitely drive up sales/profits etc.

  3. Nice “thrown together” video Baltej; production values are getting better all the time. Here’s a question about trends in the vein of your video – what about social revolt? Not talking about the Arab Spring or that level of revolt; more a question of user reactions to having too many social influences on their search. I already find myself sometimes logging out of Google just to find things that are not influenced by friends, family, and peers.

  4. Agree content is important, but not King! I would say ‘conversation is King! and conversation then leads to ‘conversion’. But we still need content to ignite conversation then you get conversion. Get it?

  5. Baltej – Nicely done and thanks for sharing. Seems that businesses may be taking a more focused approach to social media (to not get lost in the noise and have some success … positive reinforcement for their efforts).

  6. I totally agree that the big new things in 2012 will be what you suggest. But let’s not just follow the pied piper – there’s plenty of mileage yet in opportunities that have been around for years. And I think ‘content is still king’, because it’s content and links that get you ranked high enough to achieve visitors in the first place and hence give the search engines a chance to see how well your site is received.

  7. Great video… It had some valid points, and I liked the way it was presented. I have seen the Facebook Social Commerce etc, it’s starting to really take off… The thing Facebook/Google needs to remember, is people collect friends and don’t even know these people… most lists are 1000+ friends and you are lucky if they know 40 of them… and then you have the chances of only those 40 people having bought the same item as you… it’s going to be a hit and a miss….

  8. Digital Marketing is the fastest growing field in 2012. It is expected to skyrocket especially with all the different social media sites that are being introduced and used by millions of users!

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