How To Use Influencer Marketing In Your Digital Marketing Mix

How To Use Influencer Marketing In Your Digital Marketing Mix

Sam Fiorella, Chelsea Krost, Justin Simon and Mark Fidelman discuss how to work with influencers to create viral content. This isn’t fluff, this is specific, actionable how to content to help you run your campaigns more effectively.

Listen to our show on how to use influencer marketing to move the revenue needle. We walk you step by step through the process of setting up your first influencer marketing campaign.

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5 thoughts on “How To Use Influencer Marketing In Your Digital Marketing Mix

  1. For me, modern day influencer marketing campaigns can be done efficiently and effectively with the right strategy and process. And when done well, influencer marketing campaigns are far more effective at driving sales and awareness for a product or service.

    Yet, most marketers still don’t know how to run them effectively.

    So along with Justin Simon, Sam Fiorella and Chelsea Krost, we set out to create an episode on how to run an effective influencer marketing campaign. It’s an hour long, but will be the best 60 minutes you’ve spent if you’re looking for a real how to guide for influencer marketing.

    You’ll want to watch this:

  2. this discussion kind of reminds me of the malcolm gladwell book a tipping point in how to get i believe they call them mavens to start a movement

  3. another interseting question, is it worth paying influencers or is it better to try to start a free grass roots movement?

  4. Mark Really enjoyed this watch. Great insight by the panel. The context is relevant today with good overview of nfluencer Marketing strategies and tips.

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