How To Start A Digital Agency, Losing Money With Clients, When & Should I Outsource Content?

How To Start A Digital Agency, Losing Money With Clients, When & Should I Outsource Content?

On this episode of #AskSwenk, we’ll cover: what to do when your agency has outgrown a client, knowing when and how to start your own digital agency and whether you should outsource your content writing.

This Week’s Questions:

(0:21) Jojo asked: “My question is, how far do we need to go for these clients before it is time to think about politely passing them off to a more suitable freelancer or smaller agency? I appreciate that they were part of our business growth up to this point, but some of these clients are “loss-making” for us and get in the way of other work.”

(2:46) Nancy asked: “What will I be ready to start an agency? Should I start one now and leave my job?”

(5:25) Enoch asked: “Do you think outsourcing content makes you more productive?”


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16 thoughts on “How To Start A Digital Agency, Losing Money With Clients, When & Should I Outsource Content?

  1. Thanks Jason. This video was great, just what I was looking for. I’m graduating college in a few days and am looking to start my own agency. I have known I have wanted to go out on my own since I was about 15 and am really looking forward to actually making it happen. I have been doing freelance graphic and web design for about 5 years now. My question is, how do I start getting true advertising clients when all I have really been doing up until now is designing and making websites?

  2. Hello Jason thanks for your videos they are very informative.My Name is Vikalp and I run a Digital Marketing agency which specializes in Content.I am from Allahabad a town in India,

  3. Hi my name is Juan and I run a digital agency that specializes in athletic industry companies. Thanks for all the info! Awesome channel!

  4. Great advice, thanks Jason! We’re a two people team specialising in infographic design. Currently we mostly take on non retainer freelance type commissions. However we plan to have much more control over our business through gaining ongoing commitment from our clients which will enable us to give them better value too especially on the quality side of things. How would you go about flipping this around?

  5. I love this. My name is Bradi from Houston, Texas. Starting a boutique marketing firm and realize I want to specialize in promo, trade show booths, customized gifts/branding, and customer retention program with personalized gifts and thank you letters.

  6. Hello Jason – First-time listener/viewer/whatever you wanna call us 😛
    Would love some advice on how to break into the USA market, as a development outsource partner.

    We are a development house (Not an agency) that has supported local agencies (bothTradionial and “Digital”) with all of their development requirements. Based is South Africa, our ever weakening rand is making our prices very attractive, and we don’t have the communication barrier that your might have with other popular outsource destinations like China and India.

  7. Fire clients, some people forget that you have to fire them in time. With Digi-Connex I have had to let go of so many clients who wanted me to work for free!

    I agree with acknowledging where you are from. However you can simply outgrow client when your revenue expectations are not being met!

  8. Hey Jason! Just starting out my agency specializing in the health/fitness field. I have been been freelancing for a couple months, but now I want to do something bigger. Excited for the future and will continue to watch your content! Keep in touch!

  9. Picking a niche is extremely difficult when you love everything design and technology! We started our company on design but now we are slowly merging over into strategy & marketing. As a result we now refer to ourselves as creative strategist. Is the type of skill a niche or your target market your niche? Thanks and loved the video Jason.

  10. Hi Jason

    Just started following you and find your experience really interesting.

    I run an agency in the UK.

    We have fast forwarded everything a little bit by buying another agency. We host all their sites and manage their old customers (now our customers).

    We tick over managing support tickets an bringing in a few thousand a month through this, but have little to no knew business coming in.

    We market to our list and have devised and strategy for a particular niche, neither of which seem to be baring any fruit.

    Your key message seems to be content is king, but the work I really want to go for is the supported hosting (recurring income), or managed social or SEO. I personally am not an expert in any of this, I saw an opportunity to buy a distressed purchase and took it.

    I really want to get our turnover into the 10’s of thousands as quickly as possible, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  11. Great Video.Lots of Value. I run a 3 team Agency and we specialize in Social Advertising and Guerrilla marketing. tips?!

  12. Hi! I am Amit, a lot me reflects in you. well as far as English is concerned. You can watch some of my videos. I have recently started an agency I want to make it a world class hub for creative projects for international and Indian clients. I am not a designer, and this website is done by me, so just ignore if you do not find it exciting.
    Can you help me how can I grow and get business from international clients. Presently, I am working on purely outsourcing model.

  13. Hi Jason! Thanks for sharing all of this wealth of knowledge!
    Here’s my question:
    Could you name a few ideal industries/clients which bring most ROI for an online marketing agency? Or is it a too broad of a question? The thing is that I’m sort of not very sure which niche to go after. Small companies are not paying enough to support growth. Thanks!

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