How To Sell Digital Marketing Services To Local Businesses

How To Sell Digital Marketing Services To Local Businesses

How to sell digital marketing services to local businesses

Digital marketing is a 0 BILLION dollar yearly industry in the USA alone and it’s only predicted to grow.

Businesses need digital marketing services such as SEO (ranking higher in search engines), paid traffic management (Bing, Adwords, Facebook etc.) and social media management.

Businesses will often pay thousands of dollars monthly for these services because the potential return they can get with it justifies the expense.

You can sell these services to business without performing them yourself, or knowing how to perform them. This is because you outsource the task to a competent agency or team, and then you profit the difference between what you charge the client and what you spend on the outsourcer.


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9 thoughts on “How To Sell Digital Marketing Services To Local Businesses

  1. Great tips.Can you tell me please which companies you think are best to use to outsource it too.

  2. You keep banging on that it’s not necessary to know about web design (different video), here, no knowledge of SEO, PPC, etc., required, well, I suppose you need to known how to bs your way through life if you’re selling services you have no clue about how they work … what if the prospect has questions? How do you argue about a particular design concept and why it works for this business in particular, etc.? What if the client isn’t happy about the service received? I’d find that one particular hard: to get criticized for work I didn’t even do myself, and then to justify it as if it were. Anyhoo, that’s just my 2c … I suppose your advice is more for sales type folks who don’t mind talking about stuff they know nothing about.

  3. Are you living of this technique ?

    That looks obvious once you explained it ! Keep up the good work dude, you rock !

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