How To Get Export Orders Tamil (Digital Marketing)(Part 1)

How To Get Export Orders Tamil (Digital Marketing)(Part 1)

How to get export orders (Tamil version)

Hello Friends, I’m G.Pradeep. I’m a Web designer and Online marketer. This video was created to share my online marketing knowledge with you to get a export order.

If you have any questions on How to get export orders, or website creation or SEO, kindly contact me.

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18 thoughts on “How To Get Export Orders Tamil (Digital Marketing)(Part 1)

  1. thanks Bro, romba nalla irukku unga video bro,, innum athigama kodunga,, tamil ia sonnathukkukku romba romba thanks BROTHER

  2. Great info bro… plz give us more videos.ur opening some youngstars business Eyes. am following u……………. thanks

  3. I am able to get local sales(steel furniture) via website (seo). ie seo(offpage and onpage) and google local.
    I am a java web developer who has many wordpress (.org)websites. handson in seo and onli
    but foreign buyers dont respond.
    how to get foreign orders. what product to export.
    I have basic knowledge of export . I even have export license . but company dormant.
    will watch all your videos . thanks.

  4. Hi Pradeep the video was good but the content you was focussing on mostly google analytics trends,seo but do you think the basic beginner can do any kind of import export without knowledge based on statistics

    Again the website we need to be top notch and be build in seo and trends we should follow allthose standards rite how the traffic flow will be targeted after making these kind of websites

  5. Dear pradeep.. you done a great job bro.. sure it will be helpful for those who are in initial stage on export business like me.. thanks bro..

  6. Great bro u have did a great job. I too planned to do exports its more useful to get importers..If i have any doubts shall i contact through calls or whats up or mail? is you are possible to clarify my doubts bro?

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