How To Build A Viral Digital Marketing Campaign

How To Build A Viral Digital Marketing Campaign

Guests: Natalie Ebel and Chad Warren

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. How Do You Come Up with the Ideas for Your Campaigns?
2. Once You’ve Decided on a Campaign, How Do You Make Sure the Execution is Organized and Effective?
3. What Else Do You Do to Make Sure that Your Campaign Reaches Your Target Audience and Has Maximum Potential to Go Viral?

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18 thoughts on “How To Build A Viral Digital Marketing Campaign

  1. good job, will gonna share this video with my friends on twitter, they will gonna like it for sure

  2. sir i am new in seo and in digital market business can you please tell me that how will m gonna popular a web site dealing in erp business ?

  3. well i actually don’t understand clearly that what are you guys saying cuz i totally new to this type of marketing

  4. Very nice video, informative and practical! I was wondering, is there a Part 2 for this video or some other way to view the rest of the conversation? Many thanks.

  5. Viral marketing is easily the most explosive method for promoting your brand or one of your products using the internet.

  6. Perhaps nothing is as effective and efficient in spreading your message as a viral marketing campaign. Many small business owners still don’t understand the value and power of Viral Marketing.

  7. Can you guys offer any good digital marketing campaign plans that includes a plan timeline? (goals, approach, results, audience targeted, how it’s measured, tools used, etc)?

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