How To Became A Digital Nomad In 2 Months Via Digital Marketing

How To Became A Digital Nomad In 2 Months Via Digital Marketing

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Helping Anthony transition from a job he hated to a job he loves is one of the most fulfilling feelings I’ve ever felt. We used his Instagram pics with his permission.

Interviews with people who got jobs from the course:

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26 thoughts on “How To Became A Digital Nomad In 2 Months Via Digital Marketing

  1. Attention everybody: Not every job within a field (Engineering, Cyber Security, Military, Teaching, Law, History) is ‘by the book’ boring or not. It honestly depends on what company you work for and what industry you are in. Do not simply watch one video and come up with a conclusion that this is boring or that is boring. There are thousands of job types within one field of engineering.

  2. This video as better quality then the orginal regardless keep up the good work! I hope to take seths course I just gottah get a bank account and money, I just moved to Texas damn it xD

  3. You have really good channel, but everytime when i watch this video i afraid that it could be scam. I mean i afraid to pay money and get nothing from it, i afraid to get what i can find in Google easily. I know that everything depends on me, it depends on how hard i will study. But I’ve already contacted with Seth and he said that Russian isn’t his region and i afraid that i won’t be able to use all instructions in his course for myself, because i am in Russia.

  4. In a previous video I asked Seth, in the comments section, what would be an appropriate amount to charge someone for setting up paid advertising on their personal youtube account. I was wondering if he (Seth) knew the answer, I was thinking about doing this for people to make money for myself or as part of a startup, something along those lines.. Here is what I recieved back from Seth: “I saw you left some comments including an offer to pay for students who want to take the course. May I ask who this is?”

  5. Took the course it is really helpful. Still have not found a job since i live in Connecticut and the ct/ny is super competitive, but i’m sure i’ll find one soon.

  6. i want to open my own bakery, i didn’t go to college yet and i really love baking, and this is not me saying it but everyone else I’m really great at it , i took some online classes and did workshops by other bakers , my question is what other major should i take so i can manege my bakery?? plz help

  7. Another scam artist. These con artists claim they want to “help people” but they are liars. They are making money pushing this BS agenda. Dont be naive, These guys are con artists.

  8. I really like your vids but just an idea. I know that you make a lot of money so maybe you could pay for cheaper microphones for the ones you are interviewing. Cause listening to laptop audio really doesn’t sound nice. You would maybe lose some hundred dollars and have to make a bit more prep work but video quality would rise immensely.

  9. these guys make their money from the courses. a few people admittedly can do it but most have a background already. most make just about enough to bus around Thailand and the like. The course makers put their time into pulling people into overpriced courses. I wouldn’t be surprised if these three are all in it together

  10. Your hints are very good , but not suited for Everyone
    Imagine all people Apply to be “Digital Marketers” “Youtubers” or Work from Home (WFH) Then who will handle NORMAL Productive jobs ?

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