How I Got A $38k Job In Digital Marketing With NO DEGREE Or EXPERIENCE

How I Got A k Job In Digital Marketing With NO DEGREE Or EXPERIENCE

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To be upfront with you, I do get a cut of sales. The course has a proven track record of getting people jobs and is much cheaper and faster than going to college which is why I’m proud to promote it.

Digital marketing is the profession of running Facebook, Google or YouTube ads to generate sales. You’d typically be spending a company’s money on ads and proving your success with a conversion rate (how many sales you get for how much spending). It’s how most of marketing is done today and no colleges teach it.

We did not pay Justin or reward him in anyway. He took his time to be a guest because he wanted to help us out.

Here are more interviews with people that got jobs from the course (note some are unedited):

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26 thoughts on “How I Got A $38k Job In Digital Marketing With NO DEGREE Or EXPERIENCE

  1. Hi there can you help me on what course to pick? im a virtual assistant specializing in web design with 19k salary for 5 years now and i want to shift into something like what you do. right now my skills are designing PBNs, landing pages and banners mostly in photoshop and html.

  2. wow that’s really impressive! i’m still so new to youtube/digital marketing etc. crazy how much i learn every day from just watching all these videos

  3. Hi! I am Ukrainian, who speaks English and Chinese and lives in China. So I am wondering, how big is the chance that I will be hired as a freelance SEO?

  4. 1) lets all keep in mind he could have read the same information on SEO, for free. Its not always about “buying a course”. 2) Congrats to Justin. 3) That definition of digital marketing in the video description could use some tlc. Its much broader than paid fb,google,yt ads, as demonstrated by Justin.

  5. haha i answered my own question by searching online. for people looking its Seth Jared on Youtube. Thank you so much for introducing me to Digital Marketing.

  6. SO I am taking the course and for people wondering, it’s not a scam. For the quality and what info you get for the money, I’l get back to since I’m not done yet. I’l do a negative/positive review when I have completed the course.

  7. Has anyone bought the course and can’t get to the videos page? I bought it recently, but every time I try to get back to the page with the videos, I get sent to the page where you can buy the course. Any ideas?

  8. Hey could you do a follow up video, or just let us know whats new with justin, because via linked in it says he worked in digital marketing for 6 months then left and there is nothing after that. Thanks man!

  9. So are these marketing jobs legit? In the sense that they are non solicitation based and not a pyramid scheme where you bug people at Walmart or cold call people or door to door(random, not targeted audience either)? I have been getting some bad luck lately with that when I go in interviews for these ‘marketing jobs’. They claim to be one, but I have a feeling they prey on those who don’t have experience… Anyone experienced this? What’s your take, anyone?

  10. im a janitor but i made $84k last 2016 for myself. No education. Just hardwork and looking for new clients. Every time i clean someones office, people will snub you and wont look you in the eyes. But in my mind that’s alright i made money that you do.

  11. Does NY have a lot of jobs that’ll benefit off of this course? I’m on the verge of taking on this adventure.

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