Future Of Digital Marketing In India

Future Of Digital Marketing In India

This video by ielevate institute gives you the insight about the future and current state of digital marketing in India, the kind of opportunities and potential we have as a job market or business market.

8 thoughts on “Future Of Digital Marketing In India

  1. hi …i am a hotel management student and i want to make my career in digital marketing
    is dat possible..

  2. Hi sir,I am mechanical engineer,i want to change my field, can i choose digital marketting as my career…which will be the best institute…is it worth to change sir..as digital marketting as scope in india, we will get job???after doing digital marketing.

  3. Sir I am sandeep may I know is it possible to get jobs in face book Google like social media companies through this digital marketing course. ..

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    In this lesson you will learn –

    What is digital marketing?
    How to participate in our partner program?
    How you to make money online?
    Where the money is in Digital age?
    What are keywords?
    Targeting options in digital marketing.
    Future of digital marketing Industry?
    Five tips to increase the visibility of a website on a search engine.
    Few facts of digital marketing industry.
    Digital marketing course overview​

  5. Sir the video on digital marketing is very knowledgeable. this video gives an overview information about career in Digital marketing. but I have a question. As I am student and Am beginner in DM. So after completion of course What and Where is the job opportunity in India ?? Can marketing company or other business company hire me ? I hope you clear my doubts. thank you.

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