Facebook Advertising – Digital Marketing Tips

Facebook Advertising – Digital Marketing Tips

People requested I make a Digital Marketing tips video for Facebook advertising & promoting post, so here it is!

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8 thoughts on “Facebook Advertising – Digital Marketing Tips

  1. You all asked for a video on Facebook Advertising, so here’s my method. Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to leave a comment asking your question!

  2. Matt, I need some actual help.

    I know this is normally way off base for you but I’ve got a buddy who’s sick.

    https://www.gofundme.com/qb9qgg <—–his GFM page

    I've been asking people to help or share but I think a video could help get the word around even faster. I don't want my friend to die so would you please consider helping out?

  3. This is great help! I just started a FB page and wasn’t sure how to grow it or how to really use the “Boost Post” feature to get the bang for my buck. Thanks Swifty!

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