DSIM Digital Marketing Demo Class

DSIM Digital Marketing Demo Class

27 thoughts on “DSIM Digital Marketing Demo Class

  1. what will be the possible difference between certificate course and diploma(Digital Marketing) in future?

  2. DSIM and Digital Vidya will do a roaring business if they position themselves for the gulf (Indian) students. All they have to do is shift the timings considering gulf is 2and a half hours behind and the weekly holidays are Friday, Saturday

  3. Click here to watch a recording of 2 hours online demo session.

    How this video shows the demo? I didn’t see any demo in this Video recording. How can DSIM fool people by saying the above word? It’s voice recording, not video recording. Video with fewer ad words can’t be said as video demo instead it will be better termed as voice recording. This ad word is already made available on the website.

    But, anyway, it is good to voice demo with good voice quality.

  4. I  am  a  electronic  engineer.  starting  my career with coca  cola then moved to Titan handling Sonata as Marketing.  Now  I am looking  for digital marketing to  grow further. I am  jobless  now due to accident in brain.

  5. hi i have taken training from delhi school of internet marketing. At the time of joining nd counciling, they do many promises like live campaigns, indepth knowledge of every module, we are asia’s best internet marketing institute, etc but it all fakes. they give only overview of modules not indepth, there will not be any live campaigns. the trainers of dsim dont know the curriculum and exact wordings for live campaigns by the trainers:- please tell dsim to provide us credit cards so that we can show u live campaigns. So guys my experience suggestion is please dont take admission in dsim. they will only provide overview of modules and the main thing is that on thier website they show many batches with the pics. guys these pics are of only demo class. please kunal choudhary improve your teaching quality of trainers. as you know at the time of batch we faced many problems

  6. what should be qualification for this course… if i’m not from computer background then does this affect my learning process or performance after learning this course???

  7. Dont join this course . I joined this course from gurgaon and they make lots of promise once I pay full fee no one started listen to students. There instructor Mr. Manan seems fresher and dont have any hands on experience. Instructors are not capable of clearing any doubts

    Don’t waste your hard earned money.

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