Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

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The key to the success of your business is the ability to attract new customers, while maintaining a strong returning client base. This is especially true for small business owners. The most effective and affordable way to find new customers is to take advantage of the unbounded opportunities the Internet has to offer.

The Internet has become the primary portal for consumers to look for products and services. Tools such as phone books, newspaper advertisements and other such traditional media are losing effectiveness while maintaining their high price tag.

The most effective and affordable way to get establish a new customer base is by using online marketing. This can include your website, SEO, social media, and video or mobile marketing. The fact is that when people are looking products and services, the Internet plays a huge part in their final decision.


Sterling Mckinley

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  1. Great video man.  You gave a great intro to marketing here and showing problems that people face in s.e.o.Thanks for the marketing tips to.

  2. Internet have many positive sites and others many bad sides also. Everyone of us would be concious of internet business. That’s why anyone can earn a lot by internet business.

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