Digital Marketing Tutorial – How To Improve Your Campaigns ROI – Part 2 Of 2

Digital Marketing Tutorial – How To Improve Your Campaigns ROI – Part 2 Of 2

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Digital marketing campaigns when properly designed and managed lead to increased brand awareness, better quality leads, and more sales.

That’s why in part 2 of this two part series I’ve listed the 7 remaining strategies to dramatically increase your digital marketing campaigns effectiveness and return on investment.

7. Lead With Value. In today’s market you need to “give to get”. Not only does providing value first help establish your authority and credibility, it also leverages the mental trigger of reciprocity.

Truly useful marketing campaigns are also more share-worthy, engaging, and help build trust and show expertise better than any other form of advertising.

8. Entertain. Even stereotypically “boring” industries can still benefit from an element of entertainment in their digital marketing campaigns.

This can be done though design, creative ad copy, humor, statistics, or novelty. Educating while entertaining is a winning combination.

9. Understand The Funnel. To create a truly outstanding digital marketing campaign you need to understand where your audience is in regards to their relationship with your business.

We use the terms, cold, warm, and hot, to describe those who don’t know you (cold) to those that do know you (warm) to those who have bought from you before (hot). Each audience requires a different message and strategy.

10. Effective Targeting. The key to keep your advertising costs under control comes down to effective targeting. This is where you decide exactly who you want to see your message, and how you can isolate them from the masses.

Fortunately, marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, all have highly sophisticated and laser focused targeting options so you can be sure your message is reaching the right people.

11. Optimization Principles. Properly optimizing your marketing means the difference between a good campaign, and a great one.
As I mentioned before, you want to cut the losers, and scale the winners. Through research, analysis, and split testing, you are able to create “super-ads” that will outperform all others.

12. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel. Start with proven and effective ads and customize from there. While each business, industry, and market are different, there are still many similarities that you can draw from.
If a certain advertisement has worked well for others in a different market, the odds are good that a similar ad structure could work just as well (or better) for yours.

13. Call to action. Be direct in what you want your audience to do. If you want them to call, ask them to call. If you want them to fill out a form, ask them to fill out a form. If you want them to click and buy now, ask them to click and buy now.

There is a time and a place for fancy and artful copywriting, but the call to action isn’t it.

14. Never Say Goodbye. Thanks to the magic of retargeting, when a potential customer finishes viewing your ad, finishes reading your online article, finishes looking through your website, or finishes viewing your promotional video, they aren’t really gone. In fact, their journey is just beginning.

A single point of contact is all you need in order to continue to serve them different messages, in different ways, until they become lifelong and loyal customers. These follow up messages are more targeted, more specific, and more cost effective and result in significantly higher returns over time.

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