Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Digital Marketing Trends 2016 |
Digital Marketing Trends 2016 |

I’m definitely not a very “trendy” person when it comes to fashion, but when It comes to online marketing and digital marketing trends, I try to stay in the know!

Whether you are a one man show or working with a team in your digital marketing efforts, it is critically important to know what the latest trends are to optimize your work load. Now a days, not only fashion trends seem to change daily but especially trends in the digital world (those seem to chance every minute!). If you don’t think its “that important” to pay attention to the digital marketing trends in 2016, think again.

In 2015 one of the biggest things that happened in the digital world is the surpass of mobile search vs desktop searches! Yes, for the first time ever according to (and many other credible courses), smartphone and tablet usage accounts for 60 percent of digital media time spent. This does NOT mean the desktop computer is irrelevant, however this gives you a good insight on where your marketing efforts are well spent, especially going into 2016.

A few digital platforms you will want to pat attention to and/or take advantage of in 2016 are YouTube, Snapchat (I explain why in my YouTube video), and live streaming on platforms such as Periscope and Facebook.

Something you need to do no matter what platform you are marketing on, is content marketing. Content, content, (GREAT) content, needs to be distributed and radiating from your brand. People are tuning out if you are just trying to sell them on your product or service. They DON’T CARE (for the most part). Content marketing allows you to build a real relationship with your audience, thus leading to them getting to know, like and trust you. When they know like and trust you… what do they do?? BUY.

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  1. I’m starting a t-shirt business and need ideas on how to attract people to my YouTube page and website.

  2. Now a days Digital Marketing very important for any Business . Because Digital Marketing provides you a platform to project your product online using different methods and channels as that of web, social media, direct mail, etc. It is very well known fact that the better you know your customer, the brighter are your chances to have a lucrative interaction.

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  4. Hey Ryan
    What do you have to say about a biz idea where we interview biz owners about their company’s vision and mission and post it on you tube against a fee. The same video is organically promoted thru various techniques. The biz owner gets mileage thru the video, he get to share his vision with his employees and clients.
    Do you think it will work

    Sandeep Mohan

  5. Hi Ryan! I know this is a long shot and you’re probably swamped with workload.
    great video by the way, stumbled upon it in my search for information regarding Digital marketing.
    It will be awesome if you can guide my first baby steps toward getting into Digital marketing professionally. ]I mean I already find myself familiar with the concept, but will be great if you can tell me more on how to get started and what skills I need to master first. thanks a lot!

  6. Thanks for keeping me updated, i never knew something like google trends existed, now its gonna be my homepage ?

  7. This was a really good source of information for my current digital marketing project that I am about to finish up for the semester. I really enjoyed watching it and you bring up some really good points! I will be sure to use some on my website page,, and I will be sure to cite you as the source!

  8. Google trends has been known as inaccurate and untrustworthy. However, might be the closest to accurate FREE analytics tool.

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