Digital Marketing Trends 2016-2017

Digital Marketing Trends 2016-2017

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Digital Marketing Trends 2016-2017

1. Millennials are on top of the Internet Marketing Trends and will account for a lot of the spending in 2016 and 2017. 85% of this group owns a smartphone and 64% listen to streamed music on the same device

2. Social Media is looking to replace Google for product reviews and peer-to-peer research.

3. As Virtual Reality enters the Market, how will it be used for marketing and online interaction?

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  2. Great video! Very informative yet engaging for people who aren’t into marketing to follow. I show this to clients all the time to help me save time talking so we can focus on planning and executing.

  3. Great channel and great videos! Thanks for sharing your insight. I personally don’t care for social media, but I know it’s the trend for small businesses to market with – especially if they have small budgets.

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