Digital Marketing – Strategies For Online Success Hosted By Servcorp

Digital Marketing – Strategies For Online Success Hosted By Servcorp

Servcorp Business Shorts provides an informative evening and local networking opportunity for like-minded business professionals. Held quarterly, guest speakers and professionals covering a range of business domains are invited to share their business knowledge advice and helpful business information. These events are free for all to attend.

Mr Jerry Dimos
Topic: Digital Marketing – Strategies for Online Success
Date: 28 June 2012
Venue: Servcorp at Level 30, Six Battery Road, Singapore

About The Speaker
With more than 15 years of Management Consulting experience centred on Strategy, Growth and Performance Improvement projects for Fortune 500 companies and over ten years in leadership roles at global consulting firms, Jerry has deep expertise in delivering challenging marketing and business change initiatives across Asia Pacific. He has helped his clients to realise their strategic advantage by providing the capability to optimally and continuously configure the firm’s people, processes and technology to deliver business benefits.

Jerry also leads Litmus Group’s marketing strategy and growth practice in Asia. He stays on top of the latest thinking in strategy through his teaching assistant role at Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business, where he also completed his MBA. In addition, he has a Masters from the School of Engineering, University of Sydney and Post Graduate Degree in Information Technology from the University of Technology, Sydney. Jerry is a a Certified Management Consultant and has been a contributor to multiple industry standards. Jerry also co-authored “The ROI of Social Media”, a reference text focused on improving the marketing strategy effectiveness of global firms.

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