Digital Marketing In India

Digital Marketing In India

The digital marketing sector is growing in India at the rate of 25% YOY
Okay! Before We explain what it means to your business ,
Let us share some amazing facts contributing to the new found focus on Digital marketing in India
70% of all Indian netizens are on Facebook – 61.5 Mn.. 3rd largest in the world
15 Mn Indians are on twitter — 4th largest in the world
19 Mn are on Linkedin — 2nd Largest in the world
& With 35 Mn unique visits in a month.. YouTube can reach to 55% of the Indian netizens

India has the world’s 3rd largest online population…. and they have been able to muster all these amazing numbers with just 12% internet penetration…
India is soon poised to be the 2nd largest internet population in the world.. with around 370 million users by 2015… It is not hard to imagine advertisers shifting their focus from newspaper and print ads to more and more towards digital marketing

In this age of rising digital marketing…A single video, can change bring in thousands of dollar worth of marketing benefits (DollarShaveClub)… an amazing post can get millions of eyeballs (GAP-Sikh episode) and a tweet can change the government (AAP)

To discuss how the powerful medium of Digital Media Marketing can change the fortunes of your company and to discuss the digital strategies best suites for your business