Digital Marketing & Development 2014 | NXTFactor

Digital Marketing & Development 2014 | NXTFactor

When it comes to digital marketing, the opportunities for businesses to grow are limitless. We all understand the need to go online, but when you’re hit with a wall of information from Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization… it’s almost impossible to know where to start. was founded to help simplify the entire process.

NXTFactor, an international digital development & marketing firm, delivers online solutions to businesses. We are your NEXT consultant & partner.

Since 2007, NXTFactor (MoreViews Inc.) has focused on helping brands, businesses and individuals meet and exceed their goals by delivering digital solutions across the web, mobile and all digital devices in-between.

What’s your NXT BIG idea? We want to hear it.

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29 thoughts on “Digital Marketing & Development 2014 | NXTFactor

  1. People need to realize that SEO is incredibly important if they are planning on going popular online. To that end, I believe that this company is just the thing many businessmen and company owners need. ūüôā

  2. The age of digital marketing has overtaken us. ¬†Digital marketing is now inescapable and clients need to know that traditional marketing methods alone will not ensure success in the marketplace. ¬†Digital marketing is indispensable to the clients’ succcess. ¬†Therefore, ¬†clients need to know more about NXTFactor’s digital marketing services.¬† ¬†¬†

  3. As a daughter of a businessman, i understand of how hard to increase our marketing values after all the hard work that we all have been through and when we decide to do online marketing, my dad just don’t know where to start. I believe this will help all the businessman to success. One step closer. This is just the company all you need.

  4. Although, as said, the opportunities for businesses to grow are limitless, I have tried in many ways and not succeed much. You need deep knowledge and experience to achieve something. NXTFactor looks well organized.

  5. NXT Factor also known as More Views Inc offers effective quality search engine optimization. I’ve used them in the past to rank my website and they got to google page 1 in a timely manner

  6. NXTFactor has helped my internet company become popular overnight! I am getting more customers than ever!

  7. Without a road map on the journey to getting your business ranked number one you will end up lost on  the  back roads of the web. NXTFACTOR IT THAT ROAD-MAP TO SUCCESS.I Have discovered it makes sense to let the experts handle  your digital marketing needs while you do what you do best. RUN YOU BUSINESS  


  8. My boss is using NXTFactor, and business has really picked up..These guys know what they are doing..

  9. I have used and implemented NXTFactor services in the past for my online business and they not only help me achieve my sales and revenues, but exceeded them! I will continue to use them in the future to keep my business thriving.

  10. I tried NXTFactor last year and I must say that I was very pleased with the services I was presented with. The ease with handling and performance is top notch and worthy of the time for this comment ( I usually do not comment on videos). I would love to see this company grow bigger from here on out.

  11. i must say that i am really happy using the NXTFACTOR it really help me generate a lot of sales and i just want to say thank you.

  12. I have been using NXTFactor services for a while now and have nothing but good things to say about it.   It has exceeded all of my expectations and really taken my business to the next level. To anyone that is considering using this service I highly recommend you give it a shot.

  13. NXTFactor has an excellent understanding of the most recent marketing techniques and innovations. This knowledge, combined with the tailored needs of the client, allows NXTFactor to deliver top notch marketing solutions.

  14. NXT Factor was the only program that helped me build my online presence,increase sales, and increase traffic.

  15. i must say that i am really happy using the NXTFACTOR it really help me generate a lot of sales and i love it.

  16. As a past costumer i can say that NXTFactor is like the backbone to the online business. They helped me grow my business and am very happy to be their customer.

  17. NBXT factor allowed my business Nixiem to grow into something that was profitable to the tune of 100$ a month. 

  18. NXTFactor really helped my business grow thanks to their digital marketing expertise. Thank you!

  19. I have never used NXT Factor’s services, but I do agree with the poster that marketing online can definitely be easier said than done with your own strength unless if are an expert at selling things online.¬† I have been in the affiliate marketing industry myself and there are definitely so many challenges to overcome when it comes to marketing your website or blog and ultimately earning those long deserved commissions, such as how to post ads effectively and that do not get flagged (even on YouTube sometimes), learning search engine optimization, dealing with rejection,.¬† I should try out Nxt factor’s services someday when I have the extra money.

  20. NXTFactor has been great for me so far. I have noticed the largest increase of sales after using them than any other company I’ve tried. I am honestly blown away.

  21. I have been using NXTFactor for 3 years and it really helped me a lot.And i would recommend this to anyone in need.

  22. I have to thank this company for helping me making my business finally profit more instead of just scratching at the surface.  I like the idea that the business goal is doable and such.

  23. NXTFactor is a very innovative company and so far I’m happy with their service. I’ve worked one on one with them and they made quick suggestions that improved my ideas going forward. Great business guys!

  24. My sister is in this field. She’s been very stressed out because she has no idea where to start. I have to show her this video.

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