Digital Marketing Career Opportunities Walk Through

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities Walk Through

– I get emails from people all over the country asking about job opportunities in digital marketing. They are growing every week.

So I decided to wake up one morning without scripting anything and just do a bunch of agency and job searches to show you the opportunities in real time. In this video I look at Philadelphia, New York, Minneapolis, and Houston… you can do the same kind of search in your area. These are the kind of entry level positions I show people how to get into in my Digital Marketing Career Blueprint course.

18 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Career Opportunities Walk Through

  1. I took Seth’s course and landed a freelance gig that pays $500 a month plus commission. I work on it about 5 hours a week. I highly recommend investing in Seth’s course.

  2. Also took Seth’s course and landed a job interview by calling some agencies in my city and talking to employees/owners AND picked up a small account managing $1500usd/month for a flooring company. Seth is really helpful and is very active when it comes to helping his students. Thanks again Seth!

  3. Unless your over 40 (like me) and no company will even look at you. Ageism is alive and well in digital marketing

  4. I know how to set up google adsense for youtube so that you get paid for advertising, what would you suggest for a charge to do this for someone”s youtube account?

  5. I like how you speak about the realistic side of what you can start out making. So glad I found your videos! Extremely helpful!

  6. I don’t have a degree and I keep getting told that the smart thing to do is get one. Something tells me (on top of my own research as well) to not listen to everyone else and to follow what’s the smart way and less expensive way to making good money. Plus this is such a valuable skill that you can use for yourself if you want to work for yourself. I feel really positive about this one.

  7. Can’t wait to get into the course! Saving up money right now. I’m so glad this course is actually affordable

  8. What do you think is a better option for me right now? I am about to start a digital marketing course part time for 3 months. Should I apply for a position now with no experience or do something else part time and apply once I’ve completed the course?

  9. Hey Seth, so after watching this video and identifying a handful of agencies in my area, I think I’m good to go for the course. Are you still able to personally engage with your members?

  10. Seth, dude. Your awesome! Thanks for your genuine support of us students! Hoping to take your course when I get a bit more time

  11. I’m occupied right now, but I’m definitely considering taking the course in April/May, do you think it will be too late by then?

  12. Hey Seth I have a quick question I just can’t wrap my head around it for some reason. When using Google AdWords let’s say I have three ad groups for a local ice cream shop and the three ad groups are as followed:

    Chocolate Ice Cream = Ad Group 1

    Vanilla Ice Cream = Ad Group 2

    Strawberry Ice Cream = Ad Group 3

    What would be the specific negative key words for one of these ad groups or all of these ad groups as an example? All I can think of is taking the same negative keywords from the campaign level and applying those same negative keywords to the ad group level but I know that is pointless because if they are at the campaign level then they will automatically apply to the ad group level, so I’m kinda lost.

  13. Hey Seth, i like the idea and all blueprints you guys show on line, but once nowadays we have a lot of fraud througout the internet, why don’t you show the linkedin from this people who’s making the video for you?! I mean, i tried to find every single one of them on linkedin or facebook but none of them appears, so i don’t know if they are real or not…i want so bad to believe and do the course, but i think you got me and can show me that everything is real and not just a promisse that will never happen. Thanks

  14. Hey Seth, just curious. Is your course up to date? When do you update the course for new material? I believe I seen part of a vid that showed 2014. Is that correct? Was this created in 2014?

  15. Seth you are really inspiring me man! Thanks so much! I’m in my late 17 and will be turning 18 pretty soon. Can I shoot you an email? I have some stuff that I don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly on youtube. Thanks again Seth!

  16. Hey Seth! I will be finishing your course in 2 day and I will have my adwords certification today. Looking forward to finding DM agecies in Columbus OH.

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