Digital Marketing Bootcamp: Especially For Artists And Musicians

Digital Marketing Bootcamp: Especially For Artists And Musicians

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Getting one’s work seen or heard is imperative to the success of artists and musicians. For creatives, the Internet offers another dimension of exposure, but you must know how to maximize your reach.

Lydia Bender
2008 Music Business graduate; former International Marketing Coordinator, Sony Music
Brandy Price
Course Director, Music Distribution
Heather Torres
Department Chair, Entertainment Business Bachelor of Science
Israel Vasquetelle
Course Director, Music Merchandising and Retail Promotion

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  1. If you want true music marketing you need to get new age tech products like having your music on TripleVMusic App

  2. Small world. I remember doing some business with Israel Vasquetelle back in 2001 when I was selling his Insomniac Magazine through an online hip-hop store I had in the UK. He knows his business.

  3. Princeton university is a school full of know it alls. A lot of its so-called ‘prediction’ studies are made by a bunch of know alls. The Facebook claim @11:05 is about to be debunked,… its almost 2017 and Facebook is still here. What does this mean? It means you are believing whatever you want to hear and giving the wrong advice!

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