Digital Marketing – Back To Basics Webinar

Digital Marketing – Back To Basics Webinar

Going back to the basics on this very popular topic. What is Digital Marketing and how can you be successful at it.

17 thoughts on “Digital Marketing – Back To Basics Webinar

  1. nice vid……i wouldn’t dismiss print media though, books and magazines will be read for some time to come…

  2. I am interested In perusing a Degree (Msc.) Digital marketing I have no prior experience . May I know if its a good choice, and If yes Which country should I Look at for studying which will give a Hefty ROI

  3. the second guy(with pierce) aint good. make him listen this vid to himself – very scattered talk to each slide.. too dynamic voice as well.
    i thumbed up you two though ūüôā

  4. Thank you for this video, I have an interview for a digital marketing apprenticeship tomorrow and this cleared up a lot of my questions ūüôā

  5. would getting a degree in communctions while learning webinar ab splitting photoshop and wordpress at home and look for an internship a good route for a good paying digital managing position?

  6. Pretty well explained. Also, you guys shouldn’t forget about great UTM builders such as Taglynx. Campaign link building is a really important aspect in the world of digital marketing.

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