Digital Marketing Analysis Of Flipkart

Digital Marketing Analysis Of Flipkart

We the students at MISB Bocconi, pursuing PGPB (Post Graduate program in Business) of the batch (2012-2014) have prepared a document on the digital marketing strategy of one of the Indian E-commerce giants, FlipKart. The report covers the years from the setup of the company, 2007 to December 2012 analyzing the various product category launching for the customers with the demand of time, how responsive to the customer complaints the company is, various social media tools adopted for digital marketing and how successful they have been among the users in terms of sentiment, frequency of visits to the sites, etc. These factors have been compared with a few FlipKart rivals in the e-commerce market.

The study done is under the part of the assignment given to us for the course “E-commerce and Digital Marketing”.

Hope this also gives users who refer to it the insights about the digital market, how strategy formulation takes place and related information.

Note: The analysis and its publishing is a part of the assignment and is not meant to influence people’s opinion about the brands mentioned here.

To download this presentation please visit the below link:

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  1. Hi Sagar, would love to know how have you found out the data of audience demograhics, how did you calculate online mention counts and its breakup, SEO chart analysis, and the social mention drill down analysis.
    please post the reply here for general benefit.

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