Digital Marketing Agency In China (Shanghai)

Digital Marketing Agency In China (Shanghai)

The Gentlemen Marketing Agency was created to address the complexity of the web in China
Digital Marketing Agency In Shanghai
After 10 years studying the Chinese digital market, Olivier Verot set up Gentlemen Marketing Agency with help of Philip Qian .
in 2009 to share his experience. He was encouraged by the large number of followers it achieved. Few French people understand the Chinese market. When Verot started to get three to five requests a week, he realised that it was an opportunity to introduce foreign companies to China .
Being a pure digital player operating in China is key to the agency’s success. Typical assignments include…. for clients such as ………
The agency trains its staff to think and act in the digital context as well as plan, execute and measure every campaign.

By 2016, Gentlemen Marketing has become a medium sized agency with 35 staff aiming towards big brands and the tourism, cosmetics, fashion and F&D sectors.
China is changing : it is not the biggest fish that eat more, but the fastest.

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