Content Marketing Strategy – Digital Marketing Consultant In Orange County, CA

Content Marketing Strategy – Digital Marketing Consultant In Orange County, CA

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I am a digital marketing consultant who helps people develop and executive their content marketing strategy. As I say in my video about content marketing, “I believe that a small business, well marketed, is the best investment.”

What is content marketing? Marketing consultant and leadership strategist, Edwin Dearborn takes you through his concepts, philosophies, and inspirations in this informative video.

I can provide you complete marketing consultant services:

This includes all types of traditional and online marketing including: B2B content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (Getting you found in search engine results.), Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click and display advertising online) , Website Development, Social Media, E-mail & Newsletter management, Print, Media, Demand Generation, Lead Development & Nurturing, and more. I am located in Orange County, California. If you have marketing needs, I can offer the solutions.

What are you looking for in a digital marketing consultant?

I offer a full range of marketing consultant services to meet your needs. I can help you develop your brand identity and positioning, create a strategic plan, develop and optimize appropriate tactics to achieve the goals, and report on the results of our efforts as we go.

Feel free to contact me at (714) 300-9566 to help you develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

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Video, audio, and music production by Blake Carver.

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