Cold Call – Selling Digital Marketing Services

Cold Call – Selling Digital Marketing Services

Charlie Light, CoFounder of LeadLogica, demonstrates his process for cold calling a local business. Get the prospect interested in wanting to hear more, then gather data on their business.

19 thoughts on “Cold Call – Selling Digital Marketing Services

  1. Love the fact that you kept going and persisting. Great work!
    What should be the calling strategy if you don’t have prior case studies?

  2. Great demonstration! Do you think that it would be beneficial to let the company know who exactly you helped in the past, rather than just saying “another landscaping company?” Just curious for your input.

  3. Your videos are great for me.. I’m getting client SEO and digital marketing services, and cold calling and cold email are what I’m going to have to do.. You can be as good at local SEO as possible, but if you can’t sell, your no good… Your videos are very helpful to me getting started!
    Thank you!


  4. Hey Charlie….I have been in all types of sales for the last 10 years and I see you doing your thing. Cold calling is tough but it is really super simple if you have the right formula. This is simply some constructive criticism for your calls and will help you be a bit more efficient on the phone. I noticed the owner didn’t have time to talk and although your approach seems logical in stating who you are and what your business name is you must realize that they get calls all the time with people saying the same thing you pitched to him….even the 4k per month with another company. My advice would be to state your name and simply say you came across his page and you’ve worked with another company like his and you would like to help him gain some new clients. You literally dont even have to say how you are going to do it. Business owners simply like making money, that’s why they are in business. Its like me saying hey Charlie, im local in your area and I like what you are doing to help other businesses make money….if I was able to hand you 5 new clients a month to work with would you at least work with me for a month so I can prove it to you? Oh and rest assured you would never pay me more money than I bring in for you.

    On the flip side….what if I called you and asked you 17 questions after you told me you didnt have time to speak with me?

    People might ask why I’m leaving this comment…..well you never get better if all you hear is “Great Job” “Killing it” yada yada yada. I look for constructive criticism in my own life to help mold me into a better business person. Anyways man keep doing your thing and don’t stop learning. “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

    Its super simple and you build the interest with the client at the same time. The reason I cam across your video is because im always learning. I love to learn from others.

  5. I’m struggling in getting a first client for the past few months but watching this video gives me an inspiration to not give up on getting clients

  6. Wow, man that was really cool. Thanks for sharing. We were just calling people to ask them about their business, and we are not selling anything and it is still tough to get throughout them to the right person…

    Could you make a video on how you would approach contacting people for research purposes? ūüôā

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