Can A Teen With No Degree Get A Job In Digital Marketing?

Can A Teen With No Degree Get A Job In Digital Marketing?

– Priscilla asked a great question: can someone out of high school actually get hired in digital marketing without a degree?

The answer is yes – I give examples and talk in detail about the reality of the business world vs. what you’ve been taught in school.

If you’re in high school or out of high school and aren’t in college (or even if you are) watch this for inspiration and insight so you aren’t pressured unintelligently by friends and family to blindly go to school if it is not for you.

Employers cares about SKILLS AND RESULTS.

Here’s a reminder: the chart of underemployment by major – i.e. percentage of graduates working jobs that don’t require a degree by major. Marketing is RIGHT AT THE TOP:

Here are two testimonials from 19 year olds who have taken my course and gotten jobs/started their career in digital marketing –

Jack –

Karen –

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  1. I talked to a marketing agency about having a BA because I was wondering what they would want it to be in for a digital marketing job since they don’t teach it in school. They said they would like me to have a BA but they didn’t care what it was in. From what it sounded like, I definitely think some one who shows that they know what they are talking about won’t need a degree

  2. Random question so yes Marketing is kinda a bad major because its outdated, but what good majors (business and or non) would you recommend for someone who wants to do digital marketing?

  3. Hello seth, Seriously considering your course in a few months time, once my semester is over. Really respect your values and your story in providing the content at an affordable price. I can completely emphasize with your history (what u described on matt’s channel) as i too, had a history studying visual art but left after taking a reality check in realistically asessing the job market. Currently finishing up my 3rd year in a design degree in entertainment design, however am slowly coming to terms with the sobering truth of how saturated that industry is. It is exactly like you said in a previous video where, by the time colleges and institutions jump on the bandwagon with these industries trends, it is almost too late for the job market! My question for you, is what do you predict for the future of digital marketing? and how late is too late for someone to get into the industry? (ie will this still be viable career for students wanting to finish their degree, 4 years from now or will the market have changed again?)

    thanks, James

  4. I am relieved that I don’t have to go collage to actually live. I am 19 dropped of a community college because the pace was so slow and the classes required things I didn’t not need.

  5. I’m 18 now and working for my 2nd marketing agency as a marketing executive specialising in PPC. I started working in a agency when I was 16 so as soon as I left high school/secondary school doing a 1 month internship then getting the full time job.

    With no degree or college education I still get paid more than someone with a degree trying to work in marketing at only 18. I love working in a agency, had clients such as Red Bull, Brentford FC, jagermeister.

    It is possible! it’s such a shame more young people don’t realise the opportunities that are out there.

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