Affiliate Marketing For Dummies (expert Who Runs A Multimillion Dollar Program)

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies (expert Who Runs A Multimillion Dollar Program)

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My guest Priest Willis is the affiliate marketing manager for Lenovo (a massive PC company). He also has his own affiliate consulting business,

Priest has spoken on a number of panels including the Commission Junction conference. CJ is one of the major platforms for affiliate marketing.

I accidentally introduced him as Priest Williams, his correct last name is Willis.

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30 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing For Dummies (expert Who Runs A Multimillion Dollar Program)

  1. I really enjoyed that ,it was VERy easy to understand, my best thing I learned was find a niche, and do it, don’t give up.

  2. Loved the interviews….doing your own product demos…and then getting free products to endorse…and then talking about that topic…awesome.

  3. I just signed up with Ebay and they seem way better than Amazon but I still have to see. Who’s affiliated with ebay?

  4. I have to say, I was a bit skeptic about this video because the host and the expert video background does look kind of messy and unprofessional, but man, the contents are solid! Really appreciate the information, both are down to earth straight shooters and I learned a lot from both you guys! Do more!

  5. I’m new to this,since it’s based on commission if someone returns the product, then you as the seller have to give that exact amount back to the buyer,is that right,please reply:)

  6. this is wht i wanted reching and getting customers for only those business tht can truely give roi to customers, which in turn increase their all businesses wants to expand their business in this l competition wid limited budget and all customrs want right product and service for the value they r paying.

  7. I see many people here in the same boat I was in, looking for info on YouTube on how to make money online and finding alot of garbage, people talking in riddles. This video is nice and clear, which is great! But I’ll be honest, the only solution I’ve found, which doesn’t cost £thousands or cause severe brainache is making money through Instagram. It’s a simple program which cost £30 and makes me £3,700pm. Interested? Go on my channel/about and send me an email and I’ll be in touch.

  8. O.K., I’ll talk to you like you’re a 5 year old, “It’s bad to lie to people, don’t do that.”

  9. Is affiliate marketing still effective/profitable today? Ruel here from Philippines. thanks.

  10. As a business owner, how can I find YouTubers to partner with to sell my products? I run a men’s clothing company and pay my affiliate marketers I pay roughly 17% per sale and my cheapest product is $29.99

  11. awesome video! this inspired me and hope all of us to hustle with the affiliates! We can do this yal just stay positive and hustle for that money.

  12. I hear Google doesn’t like affiliate marketing, how do you rank high on google if this is the case?

  13. Love your videos and your channel man! Keep up the good work! BTW any chance you can get Sam Harris?

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