15 Digital Marketing Tips

15 Digital Marketing Tips

What’s your Digital Marketing Strategy? How does your existing website perform? How many leads are you generating? Are these leads converting to sales? What are the competition up to?
What can be done to improve things?

At iQuantum Digital we pride ourselves on delivering a Managed Digital Marketing Strategy tailored to your business and industry. We look beyond the numbers to determine which content works and what can be done to ensure your message is being delivered to your target market.

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5 thoughts on “15 Digital Marketing Tips

  1. Summary

    Digital Assets:
    1. Mobile Website
    2. Mobile App
    3. Youtube Channel
    4. Facebook Fanpage
    5. Twitter Profile
    6. Linkedin Company Page
    7. Google+
    8. Instagram
    9. PinInterest
    10. Blog / Forum

    These digital assets assist for a few things:
    1. Do you need them?
    2. Which one do you need?
    3. Have you got consistent branding across all of them?

    First looking to your website:
    1. Are you attracting enough leads?
    2. Are you making enough sales?
    3. Traffic: How many unique visitor per month?
    4. Traffic: What is the percentage of new / repeat visitors?
    – Bounce rate
    – Time On Site
    – Visitor Flow
    – When are people exiting
    – Percentage of people not performing

    What can be done to IMPROVE things?
    1. What is the competition up to?
    2. What changes are there in technology?
    3. What Digital Marketing initiatives should you be undertaking?

    These are the soft of things to look into to make sure we got the strategy right in building the digital assets that gonna support the business plan.

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