$0 To $60K In Digital Marketing Without Previous Experience

{videoTitle} To K In Digital Marketing Without Previous Experience

This is the interview I did with Matthew Tran of Engineered Truth on a career in Digital Marketing. This is the field I stumbled into in 2010 – colleges do not prepare students, even marketing majors, to work in this field. Yet this Billion a year industry (and growing) has more jobs than companies and agencies can fill, in particular as a PPC or SEM Analyst.

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  1. I am on day 3 of learning these skills and necessary marketing programs and technique. I think I have a grasp of GoogleAdword and is diving into FB ads, then SEO. I really want to sign up for your program, but I just don’t have the money. There are so many questions i still have and was wondering if I could Email you regarding the questions. I really see potential in this unsaturated market and really want to dive in and learn as much as I can and of course make money.

  2. Ive been trying to find ways to learn Google ads but im required to pay to get start. All I want to do is try the program to familiarize with it.

  3. HI Seth,

    I’m currently a freshman in college studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and recently discovered both your course and that entry level jobs for the mentioned degrees have roughly the same starting salary as Digital Marketing even though those majors involve intense classes and rigorous amounts of work as well as 4 years of wasted life!

    I’m currently going to school for free due to a ton of scholarships and have no debt, but I feel like STEM degrees are going to lose their value very quickly as the STEM job market gets more and more saturated.

    I really hate college; it definitely feels like it’s not made for actual education and is instead a money milking franchise that forces young people to grind through meaningless tests and essays for 4 whole years.

    So I was wondering whether or not I should drop STEM/college and go straight into digital marketing.
    I really want to jump into the job market and start making good money now instead of waiting 4 years to get a menial entry level job at some engineering office.
    Ideally, I’d love to have a flexible 6 figure job that I can telecommute to and work from home.

    Would that be a safe option?
    Does the job security in digital marketing rival that of STEM jobs?
    Would I be able to achieve a higher potential salary in the long run as a digital marketer/adwords manager than as a software/electrical engineer?

  4. Seth,
    If I understand (or not)…is your course for websites only, or also for improving exposure/subscription/views for a YouTube channel?–I’m approaching this as an opportunity to make money online for self-employment, but also making money from YouTube.

  5. +sethjared

    Hi Seth!

    Is there a way we can personally contact you about the course?

    At first, I was still on the fence, but my intuition/gut says ‘why not, take it’. This will be day one for me here in Baltimore,MD.

    Although I don’t have much credit to show you my trust towards you, I would love to get back to you and give you my personal testimonial on the program as I progress within the weeks. When I grind this out, I will be looking at the range of early April to get back to you. Thank you!

    my email is kchhetri18@gmail.com

    I’m pumped man! Let’s do this!

  6. Hey seth I have a question like Do you update your course? As you know google regularly come up with new updates.

  7. Hello Seth, this is really exciting, I am in Uganda but I would love to do this. I wonder whether I too can get some jobs in this

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