$0 – 60k Salary In Digital Marketing (no Degree Necessary)

{videoTitle} – 60k Salary In Digital Marketing (no Degree Necessary)

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21 thoughts on “$0 – 60k Salary In Digital Marketing (no Degree Necessary)

  1. It looks like digital marketing jobs are only relevant in countries like the US, UK and Canada? what about the other countries of the world? the MENA region for example? how are we supposed to check the availability of these opportunities here? Thanks

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  3. Senior-level marketing specialist here (6+ years). You need to be in the industry anywhere from 4 to 5 years of experience before you can even think about asking 60k a year. It really varies from company to company but no one is gonna offer you a job over the phone for 60k if you dont have previous experience not to mention being certified by Google which takes months. This information is not factual. Also do not expect a company to train you and then offer you 60k – if they have to train you you’re gonna be around 30k. My advice is to focus on one area of digital marketing like PPC and get certified by Google. Then get a job at an agency for a couple of years managing multiple accounts which includes reporting and optimization. After those 2 years you can ask for 50k not whintin the agency (agencies will not pay you more than 45k no matter how good you are) but with a company.

  4. Do Seth actually refund you $97 within 30 days if not satisfied? Anyone got the refund from them?

  5. Thank you so much for this! Marketing is such a huge boat! I’ve been trying to find my niche in this industry and I think I just found it! Thank you engineered truth, years ago you gave me a wake-up call that becoming a lawyer is not my path. I graduate with my bachelors in marketing this May. Currently, I work in tech and publishing and want to use my analytical skills and creative skills in marketing. Digital marketing is my next step to following this path. Can’t thank you enough! Taking the free course and will provide update.

  6. I also love the fact of working freelance! This is something I’ve been looking into so helpful!

  7. Whole lot of plugging for angels list. A simple search on indeed shows all results asking for a minimum of a bachelors degree in marketing or a related business field.

  8. So why is it that there are so many offers for paid social media jobs that you have to pay for/pay-into to become a employee? The company asking you to pay $57 dollars, $35 dollars, etc. What do you recommend for those who are seeking digital marketing jobs, but actually have no money to purchase, but for those interested in entering the field?

  9. The free online course was generic, but great information for someone who wants to learn more about what Digital Marketing is about.

  10. Let’s make a video about it and saturate it so it’s hard as shit to get job and the competition is gonna be unreal. Thanks bro

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